Real shot, flame blue gold lipstick, the first edition of countless magazines! Dior's most popular lipstick! The lipstick that is rated as a must-have for women, the most authentic red. This lipstick is superb in terms of moisturization, chroma, and durability. I think the color is a little darker than positive red. You can finish it on a tissue Sip, the color will be more natural and beautiful! Every woman should have a positive red color. Spot color number: 999#, matte 999#, metal 999#, 520#, matte 888#

Information for reference only:

Color No. free choose :  999#, matte 999#, metal 999#, 520#, matte 888#

Price 1: Wholesale Price 12 USD /Pcs  >Quantity 120 Pcs

Price 2: Sample Price 25 USD/Pcs   >Quantity 12 Pcs


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